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Helpful Pointers for Sparkling Windows
08Jul 2015
Helpful Pointers for Sparkling Windows

There is nothing better than having lovely clean windows to look through. Spotless windows add a bright and fresh look to a room. Like other areas of your home windows are part of the cleaning schedule and need to be maintained in pristine condition at all times. Here are some easy methods for cleaning windows.

The choice of cleaning products
First get together a cleaning kit for your windows. There are many methods to treating your windows from newspaper and vinegar, soapy water and a squeegee or window sprays and cloth. It doesn’t matter which method you use they all mean the same results. It is a personal choice and whatever you prefer. The main principle is the same and even using dry clean cloth and water will remove dirt and dust and clean them. Along with lemon juice and vinegar that are common storage cupboard staples will all clean glass and windows.

Viewing the situation
The main concern is how easy they are to reach. They may be at an awkward angle and need ladders. There are some window cleaning extensions available that fit onto the end of sponges and will clean glass at high levels. They are a good way if you don’t like climbing heights. Make sure you weigh up how you are going to reach to clean your windows, but just make sure you are safe. Many accidents can come from overstretching to clean windows so always put your safety first and don’t rush into the process if you think it is beyond your reach. The common reason that most people hire professional window cleaners is simply the fear of heights and the awkward areas that some windows are situated.

When you have established that you can reach your windows then you can begin. You will need to have plenty of clean cotton cloth to clean the glass and get it shiny and bright. First you need to remove the dust and dirt on the window with a wet cloth. Dirt, mud and insects all contribute to dirty windows so make sure you go over all the glass, interior and sills of the window before attempting to polish the glass. Remember the entire window needs cleaning for the best effect.
When it comes to cleaning the glass make sure you use soft cloth. Have plenty of cloth at hand to polish up the glasses as you clean. Use circular motions and they will look amazing when you have finished. 

If you use a squeegee then make sure you use soapy water and go in either vertical or horizontal direction to wipe off the soapy water. For tough stains and grease vinegar is a good solution to cut through the dirt and remove it without leaving streaks that can ruin the appearance of windows. A steam cleaner is a more expensive tool but will also do the job and deep clean them thoroughly.

Try to use water spray instead of a bucket of water; water spray will ease your job especially when you are working in height. You do not need to worry about water spill on the floor as which could lead you to more cleaning work.

Keep your windows sparkling clean is not a difficult task and everybody can do it. Follow these window cleaning tips to keep the outlook of your house shiny!

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