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Office Cleaning - Five Places To Check That The Job Has Been Done Right
15May 2014
Office Cleaning - Five Places To Check That The Job Has Been Done RightWhen you get a new office cleaning service, you should be sure to check up on them every now and again, to ensure that their standards have not slipped at all since you hired them. When first applying for the job, a company will be very much more proactive in their cleaning, in a bid to show you that they are up to the job. However, once the contract is in place, it is easy for things to slide under the rug, as you are less attentive, and they are less desperate to impress! It is essential that you have a check list of places that you have a look at after the cleaners are done, or in the morning after, so that you are fully aware of the state in which they are leaving the place. Every office will have different features,. And you should change the exact places that you look every now and again, to prevent the cleaning team from working out your system, so, have a think about the following categories for places that you should look in, to ensure that the cleaners are doing their job right!First off, somewhere high! If you think about it, the hardest to reach places are going to be the least likely to be cleaned every time! Run a finger along the tops of door frames and higher window sills to see if they are being dusted. You will perhaps think that this is a little harsh, given that they are so high that you have to make an effort to check them, but dust in high places is continually being blown about the place if the windows are open or the air conditioning is on. You will find that dust contains a high number of allergens, and allowing dust to build up will end up making the place smell bad and the atmosphere can be made rather nasty because of it.Find somewhere low to check as well, to ensure that the floor cleaning is being done properly. If you are feeling really sneaky, you could crumble half a biscuit behind a door or plant pot, to see if the cleaning team spot it! Again, it sounds sneaky, but care to attention is essential if you need a thorough clean doing in your office space! You will find that a good cleaning team will spot the mess and deal with it straight away, leaving no trace of your ‘accident’!Check behind bins, as these areas can get messy very easily, and regular cleaning of the bins is essential. Splash and mess form people chucking things in to the bin will make the area pretty disgusting and rather quickly, so it is tantamount to the cleanliness of the office that these areas are covered.Have a look at the windows; are they streaky, or bright and clear? Sunlight makes a huge difference to the feel of the room, and even a thin layer of dirt or grease can diffuse the light’s rays in a way that makes the room less airy and bright. Cleaning the inside windows is essential for this reason, and you should get the outer windows cleaned regularly as well.Check the computers and other machinery for dust and marks, but also for water spots. Your cleaners should be getting the technology cleaned, but avoiding using too much water, as this can obviously damage the equipment pretty horrendously in the process!

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