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Some Effective Spring Cleaning Advice
20May 2015
Some Effective Spring Cleaning Advice

When the sun starts to come out and the temperature starts to rise, you may begin to slowly come out from under the covers and end your winter hibernation period. The weather may rouse you into doing some long overdue house cleaning and make you want to transform your house into a clean, sanitary, fresh and airy place in which to enjoy the upcoming summer months. If this is the case but you don’t know how to get started, here are some top tips to help kick start the cleaning process.

1.    Walk around your house and make a list of the areas that need the most attention.
Creating a list will mean that you can tackle your home cleaning systematically and that you’ll be less likely to overlook any of the vital tasks. Tackle the jobs in order of importance which should mean that the process will gradually become easier as you get towards the end, reducing the risk of you wanting to pack it in halfway through. But don’t try to finish everything in one go! Take your time and spread the load, doing bit by bit day by day so that you avoid burnout and give every task your upmost attention. Only then will you get fantastic results.

2.    Ensure you have the right supplies.
Before you begin, make sure that you have all the basic equipment that you’ll require to get through the process. Necessities such as sponges, brushes, brooms and mops, not to mention a decent vacuum cleaner, should be on your list, and can always be stored away and used at a later date if not used right away.

3.    Have a clear out and create some space.
Get rid of any items that you no longer have any room for, and house clean as you go. You’ll create more space and finish two jobs at the same time!

4.    Tackle your rooms from the top to the bottom.
When dusting, for example, clean those hard to reach and high up areas first, such as ceiling lights and on top of cupboards and cabinets. This way the dust will fall to the floor and you won’t have to repeat the process. Use an extendable duster to get at those awkward to reach areas, and use a damp soft towel to gently wipe down your walls. With any luck, the dust will just stick to the water which will reduce the amount that you’ll have to vacuum up at the end. But still, any dust that does fall to the floor can be quickly and easily cleaned using a vacuum cleaner. Pretty much all hard floor cleaning tasks can be tackled with a good vacuum cleaner with a lot of suction power and adjustable attachments, but if your floors are particularly dirty, get a mop and clean with some soapy water first.

5.    Carpet cleaning.
Dust sticks to carpet fibres like glue sticks to paper and can embed itself deep within the fibres making it an absolute nightmare to clean. Take your carpet or rug outside and give it a thump with a rolling pin. This will dislodge any dirt, pushing it to the carpet’s surface, making it easier to vacuum clean and brush off. If you notice any stains on your carpet, get some stain removal cleaners, preferably a dry powder, and then follow the instructions which should hopefully give you the results that you’re hoping for. If not, then there’s always the option of calling a cleaning company and letting a team of rug cleaning experts remove the stain.

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