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Useful Oven CleaningTips
24Oct 2014
Useful Oven CleaningTipsIf you love taking a glance through the oven door to see how those potatoes are roasting or how that cake is rising, then it is highly advisable to keep the oven door crystal clear! You don’t want to lose visibility to spy on those tasty biscuits or roasting vegetables because of some inconvenient grease and grime build up. Here are some simple, hassle free steps you can take to ensure that your oven remains spick and span all the time.Your oven may require your cleaning services on a regular basis, so these tips are here to turn this process into a stress free experience. -    Place a large baking dish or tray underneath what you are cooking as this will catch overflows of grease and residue-    Soak oven racks in hot, soapy water to once or twice a week to prevent a build-up of grime-    When cleaning bench tops with a cloth and spray, also clean around the over switches and knobs to prevent any stains or dust building upDon’t fear if a more heavy duty oven clean is needed when the state of it may be leaning towards disaster. There are many natural home remedies that can make it look like your oven has been seen to by professional cleaners. Using basic cooking ingredients, grease and grime build-up can be effectively removed. Follow these steps for when it’s time for serious oven cleaning:-    Heat oven gently and allow to cool down-    While this is happening, get a cup of bicarbonate soda and add enough water to create a thin paste-    Gently apply the paste in thin layers along your oven walls and door-    Allow the mixture to stand for an hour or so for the bicarbonate soda to break down molecules in the grease for easy removalFor extra shine and finish to ensure a spotless oven, spray some vinegar diluted with water throughout the oven whilst the bicarbonate solution is still active. The vinegar and bicarbonate soda will create carbon dioxide which will break down thickset grease and grime.To achieve the best results with this method, allow the bicarbonate soda mixture to sit for a long time. The longer the better, and if possible to leave it for 12 hours overnight, the better. Shorter time will still work, but may require more elbow grease to shift the grease. Alternatively, another method using no chemicals is available in the following steps. This is steam cleaning method, and more effective for an already relatively clean over rather than one with consideration grease and grime.-    Fill an ovenproof bowl with water-    Place it on the lowest rack in your oven-    Turn the oven to the highest heat setting and let the heat generate for 20-30 minutes-    Turn off the heat, but leave the door closed-    When cool inside, use a damp cloth or rag to wipe the oven down. The grime will remove easily after being loosened by the steam-    Wipe down with a dry, clean cloth to prevent water marks and stainsOven cleaning is possible and effective without using harmful chemicals. Remember, the oven is where your food and meals are being cooked. Cleaning chemicals can leave residuals bonds in the oven which can get into meals. Using very simple and natural ingredients to clean is much more effective for your own health, finances, and the environment.

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